Feel the Difference in Your Skin With our Certified Organic and Botanical Facials

We use Medi-facial Powder Actives and USDA Certified Organic Masks to create an unparalleled facial that will promote repair and remodeling in the skin while restoring its radiance and beauty. Overall, we are creating a healthier skin, which is free from sebum buildup and more lustrous. You will see a difference in the texture of the skin immediately.

Our Medi-Facial is  customized according to your skin’s own particular needs, working to replenish the nutrients that repair and protect the skin by increasing delivery of antioxidants, lipids, proteins, enzymes, growth factors and more. Essentially, it was designed to help to restore an ample supply of potent antioxidants and immune boosters by delivering them to the deep layers where they are needed. It also repairs the epidermal barrier, which increases hydration as well as reducing aging and skin cancer risk.