IMG_0051FullSizeRenderRezenerate is a professional grade, state-of-the-art, precision cosmetic tool.  This exciting new anti-aging or anti-blemish treatment drastically softens fine lines and wrinkles, enhances collagen production, decreases pigmentation and scarring, helps improve skin health while increasing circulation for a firmer more lifted appearance.

Unlike medical grade micro needling devices, Rezenerate is a cosmetic tool that achieves similar results without the invasiveness.  Designed to reduce the signs of aging by painlessly creating hundreds of thousands of microscopic permeates on the surface of the skin to infuse serums.  It is a safe alternative for clients that don’t want an invasive medical procedure, but do want great results from the newest facial on the market.  Whether you’re combatting aging, blemishes, sunspots or other skin issues – direct delivery of our serums right to the edge of the dermal layer will restore the ideal micro-environment your skin needs for optimal function and regeneration. In a matter of days a brand new, smoother, more radiant and even toned layer of skin will start to appear.

Results and what to expect for days to follow:

From 0 to 24 hours: fine lines and wrinkles will fade and the face will be plumper and more voluminous.

Days 3-5: The old dead skin will gently begin to peel away.

Days 7-10: A new healthier skin will begin to surface; a healthy glow will be present.

Days 10-14: Maximal results will appear and skin will look its best.

Longer term improvements from the Rezenerate will continue to  appear over the next 60-120 with firmer healthier skin overall.

Facials are recommended every 2-4 weeks for optimal results and ultimately depend on individual needs.  After Rezenerate, LED is an ideal way to continue the regeneration of collagen in the skin as well as the healing on the surface.

Treatment and Recovery period

Rezenerate is used to infuse targeted serum for specific skin types and conditions.  It can even be used on active blemishes or over rosacea and allows for better absorption of serums that aid in recovery.  Some clients may experience a slight redness or tingling for a few hours after the facial depending on how aggressive the treatment is administered.   We apply a renewing mask and Active Powders to soothe and cool the skin.  There is no extended recovery period although due to the deep penetration and maximum absorption of the professional serums applied, you may experience peeling 3-5 days following treatment.

More Rezenerate BENEFITS:

·    Little to no down time–customers can apply make up in minutes

·    Go about your daily business without concern

·    Inexpensive alternative with similar results to costly treatments/procedures

·    Scar-less healing

·    No cross contamination

·    A pain-free cosmetic alternative to harsh treatments/procedures on the market


Each chip is for single use and then discarded.  The chip does not reach or break the dermis so there is no risk of cross-contamination. The chips are laboratory sealed to minimize any risk of infection.

Botox and Fillers

Since fillers and Botox are injected deep into the dermis, the system will not adversely affect your injections.  Rezenerate can, however, reduce how frequently you may need to get such injections.



Scars less than 6 months old

Severe solar keratosis

Nursing or pregnant women

Undiagnosed lesions or skin infections

Recent herpes outbreaks

Some cases of Rosacea


Diabetes and other auto-immune system disorders

Products not approved by your Esthetician